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CHEA Singers

The CHEA Singers program was created to provide choral training for homeschooled students in the greater Charlotte area. There are over 250 singers who meet on Tuesday afternoons in the Matthews area to participate in various choirs for ages 6-19. Our desire is to produce skilled musicians who seek to serve others and glorify God through singing.

Upcoming Concerts

  • CHEA Singers Winter Concert
    • December 12, 2019
  • CHEA Singers Spring Concert
    • May 1, 2020 at 7pm

Important Information for Applicants

We welcome your interest in the CHEA Singers choir program! For details and contact information for individual choirs, scroll down and click on the choir name in the list below.

All choir applicants need to read and agree to the CHEA Singers Requirements for Participating Families & Liability Waiver and the Code of Conduct (link provided below). We rely on parent help in many areas for the program and our singers to reach their full potential – you will find many different types of opportunities to serve with us.

For general questions about the choir program, please contact Melody Paules mail_outline

If you are interested in some suggestions for music listening at home, you can see a list of some of our recommended favorites here .

Our Choirs


Melody Makers

Ages 6 - 7 (must be 6 on or before October 15)

Melody Makers is a choirclub for boys and girls ages 6-7 years old. The children learn to sing and joyfully respond to music. They sing songs from a different historical period each semester and sometimes wear historical costumes as part of their performance. . . history comes alive for them throughout the year as they experience the music, dress, food, games, activities, etc. of another time and place. Children also learn basic rhythmic, dynamic and tempo terms and learn to respond to them with their whole bodies. The children's musical intelligence is enhanced through the Melody Makers experience.

This choir is a cooperative effort, which means that each mom has the privilege of monitoring occasionally and is assigned a job.

When you become a part of the Melody Maker Family, you are committing to regular attendance, to listen to the CD at least 3 times per week and to fulfilling your Melody Maker job assignment.

Melody Makers 2019-2020 Registration Form

For more information about Melody Makers, contact


Savior's Singers

Ages 8 - 10 (must be 8 on or before October 15)

Kristi Holden, Contact

The Savior’s Singers choir is a treble choir which encourages homeschooled boys and girls ages 8-10 years old in their development of singing skills, beginning part singing, and basic theory. A few of the primary focuses of this choir are the memorization of hymns, basic hymn history, and emphasis on God being glorified through our music. The choir’s repertoire consists of a variety of sacred and secular works. Rehearsal time is interspersed with fun music games that reinforce basic elements of music. Because singers must be able to match pitch, a voice check is required for singers new to the choir. Savior’s Singers participate in the CHEA Singers Concerts in the fall and spring and also minister through music at a local nursing home twice a year. Parental involvement is required on many different levels some of which are monitoring during rehearsals, teaching theory, and assisting with choir uniforms.

Savior's Singers 2019-2020 Application

For more information about Savior’s Singers, please contact Kristi Holden mail_outline

Savior's Singers

King’s Chorale

Ages 11 to 14 (must be 11 on or before October 15)

Kristi Holden, Director

The King’s Chorale for treble voices is open to homeschooled children ages 11-14. The choir focuses on developing singing skills, including part-singing and reading music, with an emphasis of using our skills to glorify God and for the blessing and encouragement of others. The choir sings works by classical composers, hymn arrangements, spirituals and folk songs, and a wide variety of other sacred and secular works. We perform in the CHEA Singers Choir concerts in fall and spring, and usually develop a full-length spring program to present in area retirement centers and nursing homes. Parental involvement on various levels is needed to make things run smoothly; more information is on the information and registration forms. Singers must be able to match pitch. A voice check is required for singers new to the choir.

King's Chorale 2019-2020

For more information contact Kristi Holden mail_outline

King's Kids Choir

Musical Heirs

Ages 10 to 14

Barbara Van Patter, Director,

Musical Heirs is a treble choir open for audition to homeschooled children ages 10 to 14. This choir offers children the opportunity to grow personally and corporately as they strive for higher excellence and integrity in their music.

The students learn challenging music, theory and history throughout the year and share their music, bringing hope and encouragement to audiences in our community and beyond. Founded in 1992 by Barbara Van Patter, Musical Heirs has been a resource for home educated children and their families in Charlotte and surrounding areas for 22 years.

For more information contact Barbara Van Patter mail_outline or visit the website at music_note


Carolina Youth Chorale

SATB Choir - young women age 14 and in 9th grade (or higher) on or before Oct. 15, and young men whose voices have changed.

Dr. Larry Oldham, Director

Faith Glaser, Administrative Assistant

We are glad to welcome Dr. Larry Oldham as the new director of the Carolina Youth Chorale. He brings with him his very own accompanist, his wife Libby, a real blessing for our choir! Dr. Oldham has degrees in voice and music education, along with two seminary degrees. He’s directed choral groups of all ages, from elementary to college level, taught music and music theory, conducting, and piano. He has also served as a pastor and a missionary.

Carolina Youth Chorale (CYC,) is an SATB choir for homeschooled students during the high school years. Goal: to inspire students to fully worship God through music, to strive for high musical standards, grow and develop their singing, and to kindle a love and passion for great music.

  • Members are auditioned.
  • Young men: after voice change through age 18 or high school graduation
  • Young women: Must be age 14 on or before October 15th and in 9th -12th grade.

As the choir learns music written in a variety of styles, languages, and time periods, they will begin to appreciate more fully the role singing plays in the lives of all people. Singing is a wonderful way to develop focus and self-control, to learn to work as a team and to experience the incredible joys of communication of ideas and emotions through music. Singers will be offered music theory and history within the context of repertoire, providing a deeper understanding of the literature they are singing.

An attitude of thankfulness and a willingness to work hard are a must and are equally as important as the level of talent or their voices.

All parents are required to support this choir by signing up to volunteer for various jobs during the year.

Carolina Youth Chorale Registration 2019-2020

For more information contact Faith Glaser mail_outline

Carolina Youth Chorale